Conference to toast award winners from around the world

Does your association give awards? Is there another prestigious science journalism competition in your country or region? WCSJ2017 organizers would like to hear from you.

The 10th World Conference will feature a twist on the tradition of awards ceremonies. In place of an awards presentation, the conference will honor winners of awards around the globe with a special video montage compiled from submitted interviews of award winners. The video montage will be shown during an opening celebration at WCSJ2017 October 26 and shared online for all to enjoy afterward.

The volunteers organizing the WCSJ2017 “awards experience” ask WFSJ member associations to tell them about prestigious science journalism awards that are given by their associations or by other national and regional organizations. For an award program to qualify for the video project, the judging panel must include peers. The award can honor work done in print, online, video, or audio.

Member associations who respond will then be asked to nominate recent award winners for recognition during the celebration. The volunteer committee hopes to make selections that show the global reach and diversity of award-winning science journalism in all forms. If a nominee is selected, the video volunteers will ask the association to submit a video interview, following a prescribed format. This can be done in the form of a simple smartphone video; English captions will be applied if the interview is not in English.

If your association wishes to suggest an award for inclusion in this project, please complete and submit this form by AUGUST 4 (deadline extended).

Selected international award-winning writing will also be featured in an international exhibition on CASW Showcase, a website featuring award-winning science writing.

The organizers thank the American Chemical Society and American Institute of Physics for support of this project and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for support of CASW Showcase.