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Session Proposals

The deadline for proposals has passed, and we received over 300 submissions! Stay tuned for updates from the Program Committee. 
Want more insight into what makes a good proposal? Check out our blog post with links to previous programs and a sample proposal. We also want your ideas for science sessions.


Deadline: October 11, 2016 at 9:00 PM Pacific time
Use this online submission form for session proposals

The 10th World Conference of Science Journalists will bring together 1,200–1,400 professionals dedicated to incisive, engaging, accurate, and high-quality science journalism. The conference will build global networks and skills for science communication and provide an opportunity for journalists to explore emerging science as well as crucial issues at the interface of science and society.

Like the annual ScienceWriters meeting in the United States, WCSJ2017 is produced “by science writers, for science writers.” We need your help to ensure that the conference program represents your interests. The WCSJ2017 Program Committee invites all science writers to submit expertly crafted proposals that consider professional development and scientific issues from an international perspective.

The conference theme, “Bridging Science and Societies,” reflects the vital role science journalists play in connecting audiences to the science that affects their lives. Proposals touching on the following sub-themes are encouraged:

Climate and environment

Continuing challenges for science and global society

Infectious disease

The role of science reporting amid panic and concern

Expanding the science journalist’s toolkit

Narrative writing, podcasting, mobile video, social media, data journalism

Science history and ethics

What can we learn?

The new world of gene editing

Ethics, hype, responsibility, global dimensions

Journalistic integrity and media manipulation

The future of journalism

Surviving and serving audiences in a turbulent media economy

International science

Global collaboration to build knowledge about the cosmos, the biome, the oceans, human and ecosystem health, and the origin and future of life

Technology and innovation

How “moonshots,” apps, space commercialization, medical technology and global connectivity will transform society

Access to information

How investigative journalists tackle political and institutional barriers; tools for finding and covering science in access-poor regions

Global health challenges

Where research and public health meet

The WCSJ2017 Program Committee is particularly interested in sessions that:

  • Appeal to the common interests of science journalists, no matter their locale or expertise. These could include sessions on the craft of journalism or timely and relevant professional or scientific issues.
  • Appeal to a large subset of potential attendees. These could include sessions that focus on skills needed by early career writers or freelance writers.
  • Are participatory, engaging conference participants in a way that encourages cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding.
  • Highlight the conference’s regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

All sessions should propose an international perspective on the topic. You can count on the Program Committee for assistance in identifying and recruiting speakers if you need assistance in making international connections. Organizing a session is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and work closely with your peers across the globe.

Important Details

Any science writer, broadcaster or blogger may propose a session. By proposing a session, you are agreeing to be the session’s producer and commit to volunteering your time to make this session happen. (You may also be a speaker or moderator of your session, but it is not necessary.) Volunteers are at the heart of the World Conference of Science Journalists, and we thank you in advance for your help in making 2017 a success. A maximum of two organizers is allowed per session.

A typical session is 75 minutes long and may adopt any format that you feel best suits the content.

Proposals should be submitted in English.

The deadline for submitting session proposals is October 11, 2016 at 5:00PM Pacific time.

Only proposals submitted using the online form will be accepted. Submitters should expect to hear whether or not the proposal was accepted no later than January 11, 2017.

The WCSJ2017 Program Committee may contact you to discuss modifications of your session, including merging it with another session or suggesting specific speakers to ensure international representation.

All session organizers and speakers receive complimentary registration to WCSJ2017’s main program. In order to reserve as much funding as possible for travel grants and scholarships, session organizers and speakers are encouraged to identify independent sources of travel funding. WCSJ2017 believes that financial need should not be a barrier to hard work, creativity, and participation. Travel subsidies in the form of reimbursement for two nights’ conference hotel, economy airfare, and ground transportation are available to session organizers and speakers who are unable to secure independent funding. The Program Committee will discuss specific funding needs after acceptance of the proposal. When there is more than one session organizer per session, only one organizer will be eligible for travel reimbursement if needed.


Other Proposals

In addition to the core conference program, WCSJ2017 will include networking and training activities, field trips, and sponsored programming offered on Oct. 25, 26 and 30 and during lunch breaks on Oct. 27 and 28.

We welcome proposals for activities that will enrich the conference experience by giving attendees opportunities to acquire skills, explore topics and issues in science, technology and journalism, and immerse themselves in the science, technology, and environmental riches of the Bay Area and its surroundings. Examples are on- and off-site workshops, seminars, symposia, or lunchtime panel discussion as well as excursions.

Professional credentials are not required for submitting these proposals; all are welcome to propose an activity to the Organizing Committee and to the tour and field trip committee. Proposals must provide an appropriate commitment of funds to underwrite the activity and also indicate how the sponsor(s) will contribute to the general conference budget.

Please click on the appropriate link to submit a session proposal or inquire about how to propose a field trip, tour, or other sponsored programming: