Covering Indigenous Voices in Science

Covering Indigenous Voices in Science

G2) Covering Indigenous Voices in Science

Moderator: Veronique Morin
Organizer: Veronique Morin

There is no greater science-and-society gap than the one between scientists and indigenous people. To bridge this gap, researchers and health journalists are charged with being sensitive, open and understanding of the issues that affect indigenous people worldwide. This session will describe four case studies meant to serve as eye-openers for science journalists wishing to broaden their perspectives and bring context into their stories.

Phil McKenna, a Boston-based reporter for InsideClimate News, will share what oil and gas pipelines mean for indigenous people. Padma TV, an India-based science reporter with a focus on herbal and traditional medicine, will explain how herbal remedies are developed from indigenous knowledge. Gunn Britt Retter, head of Norway’s Saami council, will speak to hunting and herding in the Arctic; and Thiago Medaglia, from InfoAmazonia in Brazil, will discuss the Amazon rainforest.