Jillian Clemente

Student Journalist

Jillian Clemente

"Communicator. Scientist. Mountaineer."


Jillian Clemente is earning dual degrees in journalism and wildlife & fisheries resources at West Virginia University. She has reported for her hometown newspaper, The Reading Eagle, and WVU's student newspaper. In summer 2017, she worked for Safari Club International as an outdoor educator in Wyoming. She is aiming for a career in ecology and conservation journalism.

Posts by This Journalist

  • The People Behind the Science: Writing Compelling Profiles

    By Jillian Clemente SAN FRANCISCO—Behind every scientific discovery is a scientist with a story. Getting to the root of how and why researchers do what they do brings light to the human side of science—and there is an art to telling those stories. Four panelists, each accomplished science profilers, discussed tactics and tips for getting...
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  • Looking for Life: Connecting Neurons in the Brain with Consciousness

    By Jillian Clemente SAN FRANCISCO—Loving with all of your heart is overrated. Because the brain is the organ of conscience, it’s the decision-maker when it comes to love, not the heart, said neuroscientist Christof Koch on 27 October at the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017. “For Valentine’s Day, you give your girlfriend heart-shaped chocolate,”...
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The People Behind the Science: Writing Compelling Profiles