Leah Rosenbaum

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Leah Rosenbaum

"Bridging the gap between science and the public in an interesting and informative way."


Leah Rosenbaum is a dual-degree master’s student at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health in the department of infectious disease and vaccinology. She enjoys feature writing and data visualization, as well as statistics-based stories. Her favorite areas of focus are health topics including emerging diseases, health disparities, health policy, and global health.

Posts by This Journalist

  • Sorting Through the Stem Cell Hype: A Conversation with Deepak Srivastava

    By Leah Rosenbaum SAN FRANCISCO—Every day, it seems, reporters cover a new stem cell treatment. But how are journalists supposed to distinguish the real stem cell treatments from the fake? While there have been bona fide advances in the past two decades, stem cells also have become associated with shoddy clinics and treatments that may...
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  • Covering the Next Pandemic: Tips for Journalists Reporting on Disease Outbreaks

    By Leah Rosenbaum SAN FRANCISCO—When the next big disease outbreak comes around, science journalists will have a key role to play in keeping the public informed. Two public health experts and a global health journalist reflected on that role during a panel called “The Challenges of Covering Infectious Disease Outbreaks,” held on 27 October at...
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Sorting Through the Stem Cell Hype: A Conversation with Deepak Srivastava