Video Showcase

Let’s celebrate award-winning science writing at WCSJ2017!

What is the WCSJ Video Showcase?

A celebration of award-winning science journalism from around the world. A video montage composed of excerpts from interviews with award winners will be shown on the opening day of WCSJ2017, and additional videos will be shown over the course of the conference and presented online. In order to be included in the showcase, please submit a short video interview with the winner. The video should be 10 minutes or less in duration.

Questions to answer on camera:

  1. Please introduce yourself by stating AND SPELLING your FULL name. SPELL OUT your news organization and IDENTIFY the country where you are working.
  2. In one or two sentences, please explain the topic of your prize-winning story.*
  3. Who awarded you the prize?
  4. Describe the moment when you realized you wanted to pursue this story.*
  5. What kind of response did you get to the story?*
  6. What advice do you have for young science journalists?
  7. What is the biggest obstacle to doing excellent science journalism in your country?
  8. Why is knowing about science important to your audience?

*If you were honored for several stories, you may want to select one to talk about in the video.

Example video

Jayde talks about her prize-winning work! Here’s an example of an unedited video:

I’ve never made a video. How do I do it?

Check out our video tutorial, then follow these simple guidelines.

  • Don’t have a camera handy? You can use an iPhone or other smartphone camera. Make sure your phone camera is charged and has sufficient memory available.
  • Put your camera on a stable surface. A tripod or desk will work.
  • Turn the camera sideways so that the video will be in a horizontal format.
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place for the interview.
  • Face your interviewee towards a window or other light source. DO NOT have the window behind your interviewee, or you will get a silhouette effect. You can also film outdoors.
  • If your subject makes a mistake, don’t stop recording – we can edit the mistake out!
  • Please record your interview in English. If this is not possible, we will need an English transcript.

How to submit your video

Use the Dropbox link in the email you received. If you have any problems or did not receive the link, email Ros Reid. DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15.


  • Please name the video file using the name of the award winner. Example: Jane_Smith-1.mp4
  • Please add one or two video clips of the award winner doing some work or other ordinary activity, plus some footage of the place where you are, or a location relevant to an award-winning story.
  • Please submit a text document with the answers to questions 1-3 above in writing. This will make sure we have titles and spellings correct.
  • Please include email contact information for the individual making the video and the person being interviewed.

I have a question!

If you need more advice, write to Jayde Lovell and Jason Bardi.