Sponsorship Guidelines

Your research, products, and perspective matter. WCSJ2017 will be possible only with high-level support from sponsors committed to the conference mission.

Sponsorship guidelines for WCSJ2017 balance the high value that sponsors bring to the meeting with the value that journalists place on their independence.

  1. Sponsored activities and hospitality will be clearly labeled as such, and sponsors will be prominently recognized.
  2. Sponsor representatives will have ample access to attendees participating in sponsored activities. Organizers will work closely with sponsors to ensure that their presence adds value to the meeting and is appreciated by attendees.
  3. Conference content is chosen by the organizers. Pre- and post-conference activities and portions of the conference may be organized in consultation with an outside organization under a collaboration agreement.
  4. Meeting credentials (name badges) will not carry sponsor logos.
  5. Sponsors may not require that participants listen to a presentation in order to receive food, drink, or other amenities. Space for sponsored events will be arranged so that participants who prefer not to listen to a “pitch” are comfortably accommodated.
  6. Attendees will decide what personal and professional information to share with sponsors and hosts.


To further protect the independence of WCSJ2017, while welcoming the advice and support of organizations contributing valuable ideas and resources, the Organizing Committee has defined two categories to clarify how conference planners hope to engage with sponsors and partners:

Green Partners


  • educational institutions
  • research organizations; nonprofit, nonpartisan foundations not controlled by commercial firms; institutes; medical centers
  • public agencies
  • nonprofit organizations interested in public understanding of science, science communication, and journalism
  • media companies and media foundations, journals, and publishers


  • may propose content to Program Committee
  • may propose sponsored onsite or off-site preconference and post-conference events
  • may sponsor social events, hospitality, and travel fellowships

Blue Partners


  • non-media commercial corporations and corporate foundations
  • partisan, religious, and advocacy organizations not meeting the criteria for Green Partnership


  • may sponsor social events and hospitality
  • may offer off-site pre-conference and postconference events
  • may offer tours and field trips
  • may sponsor travel fellowships
  • may support content chosen by the Program Committee by themes (examples: biomedicine, public health, environment, technology, innovation)