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2017 Latin American Edition of the Jack F. Ealy Science Journalism Workshop

The 2017 Latin American Edition of the Jack F. Ealy Science Journalism Workshop will bring together 50 science journalists for a one-day professional development workshop to present practical, hands-on training...
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Feeding the World: Achieving Sustainable Agriculture

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. More and more people occupy our planet while the amount of arable land continues to decrease. Rapidly changing environmental conditions are placing unprecedented stresses on our...
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Emerging Infectious Diseases: Post Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. This half-day workshop will cover some of the following elements: Aftermath of the recent outbreak of Zika virus Genetic and biological factors, breakdown of public health...
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Student Journalist Orientation and Training

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. All U.S. and international student travel fellows will attend a mandatory half-day orientation and skills workshop to preview their assignments for covering conference sessions. The workshop...
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Data Analysis in R for Journalists

This hands-on workshop is designed for science journalists who have some experience or training in data journalism and are comfortable writing computer code and working with statistics. R is a...
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Preconference Symposium on New Genetic Technologies: Ethical Debates and Global Science Policy

CRISPR greatly enhances the ease and affordability of gene editing. It is being used to modify plants and animals and to develop human therapeutics. But it has reignited debates about...
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The DNA Damage Response – an emerging target for groundbreaking cancer therapies

A sponsored luncheon program offered by AstraZeneca Registration required. Experts will introduce and explain the significance of the DNA Damage Response (DDR) mechanism in the discovery of potential new cancer...
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Rewriting the Code of Life

Not since the atomic bomb has a technology so alarmed its inventors that they warned the world against its use. Not, that is, until the spring of 2015, when biologist...
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Jennifer Doudna
Jennifer Doudna


Exhibits Open

Why the Wafflers Are Wrong: Addressing Climate Change Is Urgent—and a Bargain

In 2017, more than 80 percent of the world’s energy supply continues to come from burning coal, oil and natural gas, with complete release of the resulting carbon dioxide. Among...
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John Holdren
John P. Holdren

Exhibits Opening and Awards Celebration

Join us in opening the conference exhibit hall and toasting award-winning science journalists around the world!

The Art of Truth: Data Visualization and Infographics for Everyone

With facts and truth increasingly under assault, many interest groups have enlisted data visualization to support all manner of spin. Because digital images and graphics are inherently sharable and can...
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Alberto Cairo
Alberto Cairo

In Defense of Science

The scientific world is facing its greatest challenge in centuries. A facts-based, data-driven way of operating is being rejected as elitist. With this change in attitude, support and funding for...
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Susan Desmond-Hellmann

Exhibits Open


Lunch Break

Preprints, open access, and the end of Ingelfinger: Issues at the nexus of publishing and science journalism today

A luncheon event organized by eLife, with support from additional sponsors Registration required. This hosted luncheon event will explore how changes in science publishing are affecting how research is conducted, shared...
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James Fraser
Rebecca Lawrence
Subhra Priyadarshini
Randy Schekman

International Perspectives from Women in STEM Leadership

SPONSORED LUNCHEON PROGRAM. Prominent women in science and technology will discuss the changing role of women in international science and policy, outline the important global issues on their agendas, and...
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Africa: The Cradle of Mathematical Sciences

In his address, Thierry Zomahoun will emphasize that history matters. Storytelling sets the tone for global perceptions of reality, which in turn influence the behavior of one group of people...
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Thierry Zomahoun

Opening Gala

Welcome to WCSJ2017! We celebrate the conference with a reception at the stunning California Academy of Sciences. Sponsored by the conference’s Diamond Sponsor, Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Book It: A Conversation Between Authors Mary Roach and Ed Yong

Two internationally known and best-selling book authors—Mary Roach, author of Grunt, and Ed Yong, author of I Contain Multitudes—engage to ask each other questions about their work, their lives, and...
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Ed Yong

A Delicate Balance: Immunity in Health, Disease and Medicine

From moment to moment, our immune system maintains a remarkable state of equilibrium, a tightrope act that is vital to our survival. On the one hand, the immune system must...
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Jeffrey Bluestone

Exhibits Open


Lunch Break

The Power of Alpha: New therapies for cancer patients?

A sponsored luncheon program offered by Bayer Registration required. Even though 70 new therapies have been launched during the past five years, cancer is still the second leading cause of...
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Science Journalism, Authoritarian Regimes, and Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience deceives millions of people every day. Although scientists and journalists try to expose baseless assertions, governments around the world often will make decisions based on such claims or on...
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Carla Da Silva Almeida
Jasson Muir Clarke
Dyna Rochmyaningsih
Sarah Wild

Bay Area Science Festival Event

WCSJ2017 will coincide with the exciting Bay Area Science Festival. BASF will reserve tickets to this special event for conference attendees. Details to come!

Buses Depart for UC Campuses

Industry Documents: Gold Mines for High-Impact Stories

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. Through decades of lobbying, the tobacco industry has provided a blueprint for using, or even corrupting, scientists to muddle evidence and meddle in public policies around...
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Stanton Glantz
Cristin Kearns
Dee Dee Kramer

“One Test to Rule Them All”: Joe DeRisi in Conversation with Carl Zimmer

Joe DeRisi never rests in his pursuit of new technologies for finding and fighting mystery diseases. As a teen in the 1980s, DeRisi watched the AIDS epidemic catch the medical...
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Joe DeRisi
Carl Zimmer
Sam Hawgood

University Events @ UC San Francisco

In addition to an opening plenary, workshop, and two rounds of WCSJ breakout sessions, the program at UCSF will include tours, lunchtime presentations and demonstrations drawing on the richness of the university’s top-ranked graduate...
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Climate Change Primer: Responding to Global Impacts of Human Activity

California leads the United States in responding to global climate change as it tries to create a clean-energy economy, ameliorate the effects of global change and promote green businesses for...
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University Events @ UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley, the flagship campus of the University of California, is home to more top-ranked science departments than any university in the country. A day of activities includes talks on...
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Data Journalism: How to Turn Data into Stories

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. So you finally got your hands on some data. After sending requests and cajoling sources for months, an email finally arrives with a link. You click...
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Break @ UC Berkeley

Break @ UC San Francisco

Closing Reception at the Exploratorium

Buses will leave the Marriott at 6:45 PM

Bodega Bay: Oysters, Abalone, and Ocean Acidification

Registration fee: $25 (lunch included) Details: Wear comfortable walking shoes Organizer: Kat Kerlin, UC Davis Strategic Communications Sponsored by: UC Davis Strategic Communications The West Coast is prized for its productive fisheries and...
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Napa: The Science of Wine

UPDATE 21 JULY: UC DAVIS HAS ADDED SEATS TO THIS TOUR, AND IT IS AGAIN OPEN FOR REGISTRATION. Registration fee: $25 (lunch included) Details: Wear comfortable shoes Organizer: Pat Bailey, UC...
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UC Davis Innovative Energy Tour: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Registration fee: $25 (lunch included) Details: Wear comfortable shoes Organizers: Stephen Kulieke, UC Davis Institute of Transportation; Alicia Loge, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center Sponsored by: UC Davis Strategic Communications UC Davis,...
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Redwoods of Northern California

THIS FIELD TRIP IS FULL. Registration fee: $45 Details: Wear comfortable hiking shoes. Trip organizer/speaker: Lynn Yarris, NCSWA/Todd Dawson, UC Berkeley Sponsored by: UC Berkeley Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve encompasses...
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Sea Otters, Sharks and Conservation at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Registration fee: $45 (lunch included) Organizer: Rob Irion, UC Santa Cruz Sponsored by: Monterey Bay Aquarium The famed Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the world’s great centers for marine life...
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Deep-sea Robots, Underwater Landslides and Creatures of Monterey Canyon

Registration fee: $25  Lunch: Available to purchase Details: Wear comfortable walking shoes Organizer: Wallace Ravven Sponsored by: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute The three-kilometer-deep Monterey Submarine Canyon begins very near...
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Earthquake Faults in the San Francisco Bay Area

Registration fee: $20 Details: Wear shoes suitable for outdoor walking on uneven surfaces. Dress in layers. Bring rain gear, water, hat, and sunscreen as appropriate. Organizer: Robert Finn, Sponsored by: US...
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Coastal Hazards in a Time of Rising Seas and Climate Change

Registration fee: $20 Details: Wear clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor walking on uneven surfaces. Bring rain gear, water, hat, and sunscreen as appropriate. Organizer: Robert Finn, Sponsored by: US Geological...
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Tour X, the Moonshot Factory

Registration fee: $20 (lunch included) Organizer: Donna Alvarado Sponsored by: Google X X, (formerly known as Google [x]), is a moonshot factory with the mission of incubating new breakthroughs in science...
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A Look Inside the World’s Largest Laser

Registration fee: $20  Sponsored by: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory The National Ignition Facility (NIF), the world’s largest and highest-energy laser, consisting of 192 individual laser beams that converge on a...
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Earthquake Early Warning and the Hayward Fault

Registration fee: $20 (lunch included) Details: Wear comfortable walking shoes Organizer/speaker: Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley/Richard Allen, Director, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Sponsored by: Berkeley Seismological Laboratory The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory operates one...
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Parks for Science, Science for Parks: UC Field Station at Point Reyes National Seashore

Registration fee: $25 (lunch included) Details: Wear shoes suitable for walking outdoors on the beach. Dress in layers. Bring rain gear, water, hat, and sunscreen as appropriate. Organizer: Kathleen Wong, UC...
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Explore a Local Healthcare Incubator: Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS

Registration fee: $20 (lunch included) Organizer: Mary Miller, Exploratorium Sponsored by: Johnson & Johnson Innovation Tour participants visiting the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS @ SSF) will explore this...
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Visit Bayer CoLaborator and Become a Pharma Employee for a Day

Registration fee: $20 (lunch included) Sponsored by: Bayer Join the Bayer Case Study “How to develop novel therapies for hemophilia,” become an employee at a pharmaceutical company and learn how industrial...
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Nice Missile You Got There: New Tools for Nuclear Data Journalism at Planet

Registration fee: $25 (happy hour reception included) Organizer: Devon Terrill, The Stanley Foundation Sponsored by: The Stanley Foundation, The James L. Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute for International...
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