Rediscovering Earth's Microbiome

The more places we look, the more microbes we find.

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Redefining Philanthropy in Modern Research

Private entities and wealthy individuals are playing a more defining role in science.

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Using infographics to tell science stories

Free software, data and some patience is all you need to create a visual representation of information.

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Scientists say...

“We are directing (…) the bacterial evolution of the planet in a way that is uniquely suited to kill humans.”

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Kevin Outterson, executive director, CARB-X

“…A lot of cells used in research that are covered [by the media] as stem cells are not really stem cells.”

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Deepak Srivastava, stem cell expert, UC San Francisco

“(…) after cyclone strikes, you see that for the 15 years after a storm, economic growth slows down.”

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Solomon Hsiang, director, Global Policy Laboratory, UC Berkeley

“Males are good at seeing each other, and not very good at seeing women.”

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Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa
Naledi Pandor

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