Can We Save the Oceans from Ourselves?

Can We Save the Oceans from Ourselves?

B5) Can We Save the Oceans from Ourselves?

Moderator: Craig Welch

The ocean is arguably the planet’s greatest natural wonder, covering nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface, providing many ecosystem services and supporting an abundance of life. Unfortunately, human activities are leading to loss of marine habitats like coral reefs and the collapse of fisheries all over the world. Scientists recently declared the Great Barrier Reef as being in a “terminal stage,” and plastic—an estimated 269,000 metric tons—negatively affects marine species. Yet in contrast to the world’s terrestrial environments, oceans receive far less attention from the press and the public.

This session will focus on two of the biggest forces degrading our marine environments: climate change and overfishing. A panel of renowned scientific experts will share their insights of marine ecosystem dynamics and economics, and will offer up reasons for hope, including models of community stewardship that will lift the gloom. They hail from a broad swath of the globe, representing a wide sampling of oceans and cultures.

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