Data Analysis in R for Journalists

Data Analysis in R for Journalists

W3) Data Analysis in R for Journalists

Advance registration required.

This hands-on workshop is designed for science journalists who have some experience or training in data journalism and are comfortable writing computer code and working with statistics. R is a programming language, developed by statisticians, that opens a world of possibilities for making graphics and processing data. Data journalist Peter Aldhous will lead a series of exercises using R to analyze public data on longevity, GDP, and immunization.

The workshop will begin at 9 am. The workshop room will be available 8 am-9 am to allow participants time to complete software installation and data downloads and troubleshoot their installation and wi-fi connection. Participants should bring their own laptop computers.

NOTE: Journalists who do not have experience in data analysis or interest in using R should sign up for one of the basic data journalism workshops offered at UC Berkeley Sunday, if seats become available. Those workshops will use Microsoft Excel to demonstrate the basics of working with data.