The Human Ethics of Global Crisis Reporting

The Human Ethics of Global Crisis Reporting

F5) The Human Ethics of Global Crisis Reporting

Science is at the heart of many of the world’s greatest crises, including infectious disease outbreaks, weather and climate related catastrophes, and energy sector exploitation and accidents.

When science journalists are called upon to report these stories, lack of familiarity with local contexts raises the risk of biased, inaccurate and insensitive reporting. Examples of this bias are seen in some of the portrayals of people and societies affected by disease outbreaks and in coverage of confrontations over resource extraction on lands owned or occupied by indigenous communities.

In this session, we will convene a diverse panel of journalists from around the world and together explore how science journalists can anticipate and avoid these pitfalls, for example, through engagement with local communities and collaboration with local journalists to drive more accurate, and unbiased, coverage of global crises.