Third Interactive WCSJ House of Commons Debate

Third Interactive WCSJ House of Commons Debate

27 October 2017
10:45 am – 12:00 pm
  • Marriott Marquis: Salon 8

B4) Third Interactive WCSJ House of Commons Debate

In 2013, it was Helsinki; in 2015, it was Seoul. Now, San Francisco is about to fiercely debate a hot topic in science journalism.

Once more, this session will NOT be endless talks and PowerPoint presentations. Nor will it be a session where time for discussion is cut disappointingly short. Here, on the contrary, debate will be front and center. Everyone will get a chance to join in. Mimicking a real “House of Commons,” the session casts audience members as unruly parliamentarians. The Chair encourages them to vent strong opinions and confront their opponents. Arguments fly, and sometimes the crowd will erupt in a roaring “Hear, hear.”

No doubt it will be highly entertaining.

To guarantee a timely debate, the topic will be picked close to the start of the conference. We could discuss science journalism in a time of fake news, or covering climate research in the Trump age. Maybe we will debate science journalists’ hidden beliefs and agendas, ways to reach people who are immune to science news, or how to keep out sloppy science now that peer review is fading away.

Curious what WILL be on the table? Be sure to check #WCSJHouseDebate or posted signs for the latest. Whatever the topic, there certainly will be lively debate. And, most important: It will be great fun.