Guillermo Lopez Portillo

Investigative reporter, Televisa News

Guillermo Lopez Portillo

Investigative reporter, Televisa News


Guillermo López Portillo is a television investigative reporter, leader in Mexico. His journalism on migration, human rights and, more recently, on corruption have made him one of the most respected and prestigious reporters in the country. He overcame the censorship, to air several stories that normally do not appear in Mexican mainstream media.

He works for Televisa, the largest broadcasting company in Spanish language. In 2016, he revealed accusations of corruption against Cesar Duarte, governor of Chihuahua, member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). The special reports were broadcasted on the Televisa morning show, “Despierta,” anchored by Carlos Loret. For months, Guillermo López Portillo conducted a journalistic investigation in Chihuahua, a state known for the its executions and assassinations of activists. He reported the corruption in a context of closed sources of information. He is a committed and passionate journalist, who has made memorable reports on science, technology, the environment and the conservation of biodiversity. Among them: “Red Ice”, on the seal hunt in Canada; “Devil Fish: The Nightmare of the Fishermen”; “Sanctuary of Mexico,” on gray and humpback whales in Mexican seas; and “Valle de Bravo en peligro” on pollution and problems in the hydrological basin of the State of Mexico.

In his more than 25 years as a journalist, he has managed to put scientific, ecology and biodiversity conservation issues at the center of the public and journalistic agenda. Guillermo López Portillo’s investigative journalism has had an exceptional impact on decision-makers and the general public. For example, after the broadcasting of the special reports of the seal hunt in Canada, the “Group of 100” signed a protest letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Canada. The Mexican Congress reached a point of agreement condemning the hunting of marine mammals and later, the importation of seal byproducts into national territory.

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