In Defense of Science

In Defense of Science

P4) In Defense of Science

Moderator: Ron Winslow
Organizer: Ron Winslow

The Fifth Annual CASW Patrusky Lecture

The scientific world is facing its greatest challenge in centuries. A facts-based, data-driven way of operating is being rejected as elitist. With this change in attitude, support and funding for research and development are coming under serious threat.

This has potentially catastrophic consequences for the global health community, which typically relies on empirical evidence and scientific breakthroughs to drive progress. The response of Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is simple: science and data save lives and must be defended.

Drawing on personal testimony and powerful examples from the foundation’s work around the world, she will make the case for science and data and share lessons learned about how to use them more effectively. The world is changing. But the foundation’s data-driven approach to ensuring every person has the chance to lead a healthy, productive life is not.