Omnia Gohar

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Omnia Gohar

"By telling stories from the Middle East, I help spread science culture among the public, without the political melodrama."


Omnia Gohar earned her bachelor’s degree in industrial microbiology and applied chemistry in July 2017 at the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University in Egypt. She is an Egypt-based freelance science writer for Nature Middle East, the regional edition of Nature, which reports on emerging research in the Middle East. She intends to pursue a career in manuscript editing and has plans for a master's degree in microbial genetics.

Posts by This Journalist

  • Mining Big Data in Medicine for Diagnostics and Beyond

    By Omnia Gohar SAN FRANCISCO—“Big data,” so central to modern physics and astronomy, offers the potential to revolutionize medicine as well. Vast archives of biomedical information could already include the data needed to diagnose and treat many diseases, said computational health scientist Atul Butte of the University of California, San Francisco, on 26 October at...
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Mining Big Data in Medicine for Diagnostics and Beyond