Sebastián Rodríguez

Student Journalist

Sebastián Rodríguez

“Science is the ultimate tool for sustainable progress. I tell stories that show it.”
Costa Rica


Sebastián Rodríguez is an undergraduate in communications with a major in journalism at the Universidad de Costa Rica. He is a collaborator for the weekly journal "Semanario Universidad" in its climate change section, called "Ojo al Clima". He also contributes to the communications team at the Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA). Sebastian loves writing about science and the environment because he sees information as one of the best tools to forge a sustainable future.

Posts by This Journalist

  • The SESAME Particle Accelerator: A Symbol for Cooperation in the Middle East

    By Sebastián Rodríguez SAN FRANCISCO—Science can bring us together in unexpected ways. Charles Darwin, for instance, figured out that we are all related to a common ancestor; James Watson and Francis Crick discovered that all organisms share the same genetic language, DNA. Today, a particle accelerator is playing the same role for scientists in the...
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  • Stop Doing PR, Start Questioning: BBC Correspondent on CRISPR Coverage

    By Sebastián Rodríguez SAN FRANCISCO—Since its discovery in 2013, CRISPR-Cas9 technology has allowed scientists to edit DNA in an unprecedented way. How should science writers approach covering CRISPR? At the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017, one senior journalist offered a clear reply: With healthy skepticism. “When did we think as science writers that our...
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The SESAME Particle Accelerator: A Symbol for Cooperation in the Middle East