Sibusiso Biyela

Student Journalist

Sibusiso Biyela

"I democratise science by translating complex scientific research and repackaging it for the public.”
South Africa


Sibusiso Biyela is a digital science communicator at ScienceLink, South Africa’s first digital science communication start-up. He volunteers for SciBraai, a proudly South African NPO dedicated to science journalism, communication and outreach. He authors ShisaSayensi, the first science news round-up in his native language of isiZulu. Sibusiso is pursuing an undergraduate BSc in chemistry and physics at the University of Zululand. He has worked as a journalist, copywriter and social media specialist for newspapers and a TV station in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Posts by This Journalist

  • How to Rate Your Latest Vaccine Story: Tips from a Health News Reviewer

    By Sibusiso Biyela SAN FRANCISCO—Misinformation, myths and “fake news” continue to fuel controversies around vaccines. Activists can easily find stories in credible publications that seem to support their “anti-vax” stance. To help reporters navigate the challenges of responsible reporting on vaccines, several experts gathered on 28 October at the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017...
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  • Do You Know These African Scientists?

    By Sibusiso Biyela SAN FRANCISCO—Wilfred Ndifon of Cameroon solved a 70-year-old immunology conundrum. Bernie Fanaroff of South Africa established the Fanaroff-Riley classification of radio galaxies and quasars. And Noble Banadda of Uganda uses mathematical models to predict what will happen during the many disease outbreaks in Africa. Chances are you’ve never heard of these scientists,...
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How to Rate Your Latest Vaccine Story: Tips from a Health News Reviewer