Carolyn Wilke

Student Journalist

Carolyn Wilke

“I tell stories of scientific discovery that prompt wonder at the natural world.”


Carolyn Wilke is a Ph.D. student at Northwestern University studying environmental engineering. She contributes to HELIX, Northwestern’s online science magazine, delving into topics ranging from climate change in the National Parks to bioluminescent bacteria. She also hosts an environmental podcast called “Inhabiting Earth.” She reported for the Sacramento Bee in summer 2017 in the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship Program.

Posts by This Journalist

  • Fact-Checking In the Age of “Fake News”: A Q&A With Brooke Borel and Alex Kasprak

    By Carolyn M. Wilke SAN FRANCISCO—Is fact-checking the future of journalism? That question, at once disturbing for our society and promising for the increased role science journalists might play in combating fake news, drove a panel discussion among four experts on 30 October at the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017. The panelists, all experienced...
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  • Undersea Robots Capture the Lives of Mysterious Deep-Sea Jellies

    By Carolyn M. Wilke MOSS LANDING, California—Forget Mars. The next frontier in the search for undiscovered life forms may lie deep in the oceans of our own planet. Thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface, hulking underwater rovers probe the remote depths looking for mysterious creatures. “It really is like an alien landscape, but just...
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Fact-Checking In the Age of “Fake News”: A Q&A With Brooke Borel and Alex Kasprak