Science Podcasts: The Fun, the Challenges, and Tips from the Pros

SAN FRANCISCO—Science podcasts are more popular than ever. Producing them takes time, technical savvy, and a deep passion to engage listeners with material that is both informative and fun. How does one start a science podcast and build a dedicated audience?

Those topics drew an enthusiastic crowd on 27 October at the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017 for a session titled “Science Heard Around the World: Podcasting in the U.S. and Beyond.”

The accomplished and creative speakers were Wendy Zukerman of Australia, creator and host of “Science Vs”; Antonio Martínez Ron of Spain, co-creator and host of “Catástrofe Ultravioleta”; and moderator Cynthia Graber of the U.S., co-founder and co-host of “Gastropod.”

Student journalist Ellen Rykers of New Zealand produced the following two pieces to convey practical tips from the session and to spotlight the entertaining discussion. Here is Ellen’s infographic, followed (of course!) by her own podcast from the proceedings.

Infographic: Ellen Rykers

Ellen Rykers is a freelance science journalist based in New Zealand. When not putting pen to paper, she’s studying toward a master’s degree in Science Communication at the University of Otago and traveling the world in her hiking boots. Follow her on Twitter @ellerykr